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INTEGRITY Lab 1 - Getting Started
  • Logging in & changing passwords
  • Customizing Table Columns
  • Customizing the Addresses Table
  • Using the Search Tools
  • Using the data Restore Tools
  • Generating Reports
  • Searching Transaction History
  • Using the Online Help
  • Logging out
60 minutes

    INTEGRITY Lab 2 - Blocks, Networks & IP Addressing
    • Creating the IPv4 Address Space Using Blocks
    • Table and Tree View
    • Creating IPv4 Networks
    • Find Available IPv4 Network
    • Allocating IP Addresses
    • IPv4 Modeling Tools: partitioning blocks into networks; splitting blocks and networks; adding a parent block; resizing blocks; moving blocks; merging networks
    • Working with Network Templates
    • Working with the IPv6 Address Space
    • IP Allocation Report
    90 minutes
    INTEGRITY Lab 3 - DHCP Configuration
    • Configuring DHCP ranges
    • Using Network Templates to create DHCP ranges
    • Deploying DHCP
    • Viewing DHCP deployed data
    • Configuring a DHCP client
    • Configuring DHCP options
    • Configuring DHCP Validation
    70 minutes
    Exercises are cumulative
    INTEGRITY Lab 4 - DNS Configuration
    • Creating DNS zones
    • Working with DNS resource records
    • Assigning primary and secondary roles
    • Deploying DNS data to the DNS servers
    • Configuring Start of Authority Records
    • Managing Reverse DNS
    • Validating DNS deployment
    • Configuring Start of Authority records
    70 minutes
    Exercises are cumulative
    INTEGRITY Lab 5 - DNS Architecture
    • Configuring Access Control Lists (ACLs)
    • Configuring a Caching-Only recursive DNS server
    • Limiting recursive queries to internal IP addresses
    • Configuring Global Forwarding
    • Reassigning Primary and Secondary deployment roles
    35 minutes
    Exercises are cumulative
    INTEGRITY Lab 6 - Server Administration & Monitoring
    • Adding BlueCat DNS/DHCP Servers to a Configuration
    • Resetting BlueCat DNS/DHCP Servers
    • Adding the Server Statistics Widget
    • Creating Notification Groups
    35 minutes
    Exercises are cumulative
    INTEGRITY Lab 7 - User Access Management
    • Working with LDAP groups
    • Working with access rights
    30 minutes

    INTEGRITY Lab 8 - Dynamic DNS
    • Generating a TSIG key to secure dynamic updates
    • Allowing dynamic updates using the TSIG key
    • Creating zone declarations
    • Configuring DDNS deployment options
    • Testing DDNS
    40 minutes
    Exercises are cumulative
    INTEGRITY Lab 9 - DHCP Failover
    • Configuring DHCP failover
    • Determining the failover state of each server
    • Viewing DHCP failover configuration settings
    • Obtaining an IP address from DHCP
    • Testing DHCP failover
    • Removing DHCP failover configuration
    25 minutes
    Exercises are cumulative
    INTEGRITY Lab 10 - Server Management & xHA
    • Building an xHA pair
    • Viewing information about an xHA pair
    • Testing xHA failover
    • Breaking an xHA pair
    • Backing up the Address Manager database
    • Adding a User-Defined Field (UDF)
    • Customizing tables to view User-Defined Fields
    55 minutes
    Exercises are cumulative
    INTEGRITY Lab 11 - Securing DNS Infrastructure
    • Configuring HTTPS
    • Configuring a self-signed certificate
    • Configuring TSIG for server pairs
    • Working with DNS logging
    45 minutes
    Exercises are cumulative


    INTEGRITY Lab 12 - DNSSEC & Advanced DNS Topics
    • Creating a DNSSEC Policy
    • Deploying and testing DNSSEC
    • Configuring a validating DNSSEC server
    • Testing a validating DNSSEC Server
    • Determining who has signed zones with DNSSEC
    • Configuring response rate limiting
    • Configuring DNS Threat Protection
    • Configuring local response policy zones
    • Using response policy zone searching and reports
    70 minutes
    Exercises are cumulative