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BlueCat Learning Labs - 1 Year Subscription

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BlueCat Learning Labs are private virtual labs environments that enable learning while doing in a hands-on-lab environment.

Learning Labs, allow you to practice configuration steps in Integrity and Edge lab environments without any impact to your production or test labs. Detailed step-by-step instructions and helpful tips will assist you on your way to mastering DDI management with BlueCat.

Each lab can be scheduled any time over a period of one year. Each lab is available for a period of 3 hours. Labs can be purchased individually or as a set based on the current available topics.

Learn more about our labs through our Lab Curriculum Page!

Integrity Learning Labs: 12 labs

  1. Getting Started
  2. Blocks, Networks & IP Addressing
  3. DHCP Configuration
  4. DNS Configuration
  5. DNS Architecture
  6. Server Administration and Monitoring
  7. User Access Management
  8. DHCP Failover
  9. Dynamic DNS
  10. Server Management & xHA
  11. Securing DNS Infrastructure
  12. DNSSEC & Advanced DNS Topics

Edge Learning Labs: 5 Labs

  1. DNS Foundations
  2. Navigating Edge
  3. Working with Policies
  4. Edge workshop
  5. Edge Automation

BlueCat Learning - With a BlueCat elearning License you can take advantage of the full BlueCat training program with elearning instruction AND hands-on labs. Take the full program or choose elearning and lab topics based on your requirements.

Certifications: Once you have completed the requisite training, you will have access to Certification Exams, available with your elearning subscription.

Who is this for: Network Administrators, Dev Ops professionals, Security Analysts, and Support Providers. 

*BlueCat will require the names and email addresses of individual subscribers.

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