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KEA-DHCP is the new open source DHCP-Server from Internet Systems Consortium, ISC. Compared with its predecessor, ISC-DHCP, it is a clean and fast implementation of both DHCPv4 and DHCPv6.

This 3-day training gives a complete introduction into the new KEA-DHCP software on Unix and Linux systems. Attendees will learn how to install, configure and maintain the KEA-DHCP system. The course also includes a refresh of the DHCPv4 protocol and explains DHCPv6, the dynamic host configuration protocol for IPv6 networks.

The KEA-DHCP training has been developed in cooperation with ISC and the KEA development team.

Who is this for? Networking professionals and DDI administrators. The course has been created with network administrators in mind that operate a KEA-DHCP system, or plan to migrate to KEA-DHCP. For users coming from ISC-DHCP, the course explains the differences between the products and gives guidance for a migration from ISC-DHCP to KEA-DHCP. 

Length: 3 full days (6 hours/day = 18 hours)
(9:00am - 12:00pm EDT / 1:00pm - 4:00pm EDT

Topics Covered:
* DHCP 1x1 (DHCPv4 protocol knowledge refresh)
* Introduction into Kea DHCP
* The Kea Configuration file format
* The Kea REST-API and dynamic reconfiguration
* Kea Lease Allocation
* DHCP Options (using standard options, defining custom options)
* Kea Database support
* DNS DHCP Interactions (Updating DNS from Kea DHCP)
* Kea High Availability
* Kea Monitoring and Logging
* Migrating from ISC DHCP to Kea DHCP
* Kea and DHCPv6

Hands-on Labs:
* Basic Kea Configuration (DHCPv4)
* Configuring the Kea Control Agent (REST-API)
* DHCP Relay Agent setup
* Multiple Subnet Definitions
* DHCP Reservations
* Custom DHCP Options
* Shared Subnet Configuration
* Client Classing and Vendor Options
* Kea Database with PostgreSQL (leases and reservations)
* Dynamic DNS Updates from Kea DHCP
* Kea DHCP Failover Cluster
* Kea DHCPv6 Server

Prerequisites: Participants for this course need to know how to operate the Unix command line (shell) and have Unix/Linux administration knowledge. Basic knowledge of Internet network protocols IPv6 and IPv4 is required.

Materials required: 
Participants will require a computer, keyboard and internet connection to access the course.

Completion certificates: Digital participation badges are issued upon completion of the in-class training.

KEA DHCP Professional Certification: Participants in this training are permitted 1 month to to write the KEA DHCP Professional Certification exam and earn this certification.

Private Class: This training is available for private booking - please contact us at learn@bluecatnetworks.com.