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DNS & BIND Jump Start

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A concise introduction to running a BIND 9 domain name server. This course covers all modern protocol features such as EDNS, DNSSEC, DNS Cookies, and much more. 

Who is this for? Networking professionals and DDI administrators.

Length: 3 full days (6 hours/day = 18 hours)
(9:00am - 12:00pm EDT / 1:00pm - 4:00pm EDT)

Topics Covered:

  • DNS basics (how the protocol works)
  • A quick look at DNSSEC
  • Querying DNS with 'dig'
  • DNS Clients, Resolvers, and Authoritative Servers
  • Building and maintaining a DNS Resolver
  • BIND 9 logging
  • DNS troubleshooting
  • Getting your own domain delegation
  • Setting up a DNS zone
  • Building resilience with secondary servers
  • Easy DNSSEC with BIND 9.16 "default-policy"
  • Completing the DNSSEC chain of trust
  • DNS server maintenance
  • Security best practices
  • DNS server monitoring

Prerequisites: Participants for this course need to know how to operate the Unix command line (shell) and have Unix/Linux administration knowledge. Basic knowledge of Internet network protocols IPv6 and IPv4 is required.

Materials required: 
Participants will require a computer, keyboard and internet connection to access the course.

Completion certificates: Digital participation badges are issued upon completion of the in-class training.

DNS & BIND Associate Certification: Participants in this training are permitted 1 month to to write the DNS & BIND Certification exam and earn this certification.

Private Class: This training is available for private booking - please contact us at learn@bluecatnetworks.com.